Experience Luxury in Simplicity

A secluded lagoon on Bacuit Bay reveals an expansive gradient of turquoise waters. Its surface sparkles like gems under rays of the sun. Some parts of the day, it is a looking glass that bares the storied underwater life of Palawan. When the light is high, it mirrors an infinite sky and blurs the line between heaven and earth. 

Invigorating sprays of salt water, accompanied by soothing sea breeze drape over skin as the private boat cruises towards Lihim. On the immaculate shores of this private luxury, retreat awaits a unique tropical escape—discovered and thoughtfully designed to invigorate mind, body and soul. 


Beyond the usual touristy haunts,Negros Island is a coastal city where UNWND is located in Dumaguete. The city's airport is conveniently positioned only five minutes away. Our boutique hotel's vibrant grounds offer a fun selection of lodging options for all kinds of travelers. For the traveler wanting the finer aspects of nomadic life, there are deluxe huts. At UNWND Dumaguete, there is a lodging called Balay Balay that mimics the experience of playing at home. The establishment provides both standard hotel stays and its distinctive shared rooms in true UNWND fashion. Of course, Daniel Vincent Fabros, a local visual artist, has decorated each of these living areas with his work.

Experience authentic and social experiences.

The briny air, the scent of sunscreen, and the gentle lull of swaying trees define UNWND Boutique Hotel Calatagan. It is a vibrant space with tasteful interiors and bright energy, catering to adventurous travelers. The property has a beautiful view of the beach. The unassuming path that leads to the property emphasizes the idea of discovering an unexpected tropical gem in the area. From spacious suites in the beautifully built heritage home to luxury cabanas, the property provides stylish and comfortable accommodations.

The UNWND Boutique Hotel Calatagan provides reasonably priced accommodations as well as authentic and social experiences.
Guaranteed No Alone Zone

Hustle in Boracay and we’ll make your awesome vacation possible for you.

Strategically located at the main road of Station 3, our space is accessible for you to roam around— just less than 10 minutes away from Boracay Jetty Port and a few minutes walk from the famous stretch of White Beach.

Plus, we’ve got awesome room categories: Duo Flats, Fam Pad, and Bunk Beds

The Art of Being Chill Wherever You Go


UNWND is both a journey and a destination. It is a lifestyle and a state of mind. 

An experience that will take you to places where not many have gone. 

UNWND offers extraordinary travel experiences that forge authentic connectedness to any destination. Through the five senses, UNWND brings to the fore the real flavors, sounds, sights, colors, and textures of a place in a way that truly resonates with the modern-day wanderer.


The design narrative of every UNWND property is informed by the destination’s culture, people, and natural landscapes. Spaces are decked in art, curated to reflect a thriving local creative community.

They are interspersed with the personal collection of the property owner, himself a citizen of the world, which lends the feeling of being welcomed into someone’s home. Upscale interiors and amenities
are thoughtful details that make UNWND so much more than just your regular crash pad while traveling. 


Connection and conversation are at the heart of every UNWND experience.

Five tri-level flats, each with three bedrooms and a penthouse, make up the UNWND Flats in Dumaguete. Each apartment offers a large living room, a kitchen that is equipped for every need, and a dining room. The pool is open to any guests who have checked in.

Just you and the beach!

Beach huts El Nido offers no-frills accommodation. It offers direct access to Maremegmeg Beach and everything basic from a comfortable sleep, a hot shower, a Smart Television, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and outdoor seating with the best view.


The renowned Tabon Port on Boracay is given life and color by UNWND in Caticlan. The construction of this seaside villa was done with the idea of creating unique island adventures. Luxury casitas, private suites, and shared rooms are just a few of the lodging options. A rooftop deck and pool are just a few of the facilities that attract curious guests with like minds. To introduce visitors to the distinctive artistic manifestations of the island, local artists from the island frequently visit UNWND in Caticlan. The hotel will soon debut its kite surfing programs, which were created in collaboration with the top instructors on the island.